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Small Business Insurance

We offer various type of insuranc for your small business.
  • Retail Store
  • Printing Company
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Auto Body Shop
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Apartment Building
  • Condominium
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Small Business insurance Your business is the main income resource for you and your family in your life. It provides the gas money in your car, and covers medical expenses when a member of your family falls ill. It also can help you make your dreams come true! With hard work and good planning, your business will pay the mortgage and pay for your children’s education. But what if thieves break in? Or a fire breaks out? What if your employee(s) accidentally gets injured on the job? A customer might even sue you. Without insurance, an unfortunate accident could cost you your business. With Business insurance, if the unfortunate happens, we’ll help you get where you belong-and keep working toward achieving your dreams. Every business is different. You need the insurance program that’s right for your business and your industry, and we can help you build it. We are highly trained professional who will work with you to customize your coverage, making sure that you have the insurance you need and that you don’t have costly overlaps. Just like building your business, you build an effective insurance program in steps, choosing the options you need.

Workers’ Compensation

covers medical and disability costs for workers injured on the job. With us, you will also get help with accident prevention and loss. Our claims management and our medical and disability-management program will help you keep costs down.

Umbrella Liability

covers your business in case you’re sued for more than your basic insurance covers.

Commercial Vehicle

covers your business car or truck or your fleet of vehicles.

Business Life insurance

-if you, your partner or your key employee dies, Business Life insurance can provide the funds to make sure that the business can carry on.

The cost of Business insurance depends on many things. Are you buying a lot of insurance or a little? Do you have many employees or are you a one-person operation? How safe is your workplace? Do you have a good safety and accident-prevention program? These and other factors will determine how much your insurance costs. We offer flexible pricing plans that take these factors into consideration.
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